Super Bite Chicken & Fish Bunch Dog Treat - 10 Pcs

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Super Bite Chicken & Fish Bunch Dog Treat 10 pcs is specially manufactured for growing puppies and adults. The dog food contains real chicken as main ingredient to build and maintain lean muscle mass of puppy to top body condition. The chicken and fish dog food contains only the finest ingredients that keep your dog happy and healthy. This dog food is prepared from a great combination of ingredients, minerals, vitamins and nutrition for strong bones as well as for optimal digestion.

Benefits: Super Bite understand your passion for your pets, so healthy and nutritious diet for them is also very important. After doing lot of research our nutritionist has developed a superior quality of dog foods for your pets. This chicken and fish dog food is nutritionally balanced. 


  • This dog food is non vegetarian type of food.

  • It is specially prepared for small, medium, large and giant breed of dogs.

  • This is best suited for puppies and adult.

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Super Bite
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All Dogs
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