Me-O Persian Kitten 1.3 Kg

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  • Persian Kitten have Long Hair Coat that Predisposes them to Hairball Problems when they Swallow During Grooming

  • To Prevent this Problem this Food Incorporates a Special Fiber that Continuosly Promotes the Safe Passage of Swallowed Hair through the Digestive Tract thereby Reducing the Risk of Hairball Formation

  • A Mixture of Flax Weed (Flax Seed) Oil, Lecithin, Fish and Chicken Oil, which Helps Maintain Healthy Hair Shiny and Healthy

  • A Mixture of Amino Acids that Nourish the Eye

  • Bright Eyes and Enhance the Visibility of Cats to Crisp

  • A Mixture of Beet Pulp, which is a Source of Fiber which Helps Keep the Digestive System of the Cat Better

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