Petswill Odor Neutrlizer Rose Deodorant - 200 ml

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Petswill rose deodorant is odor neutralizer. It is suitable for pet, home & car. It is spray directly on your dog or anywhere you want to replace an undesirable odor. Petswill rose deodorant is perfect for freshening your dog's coat after a walk or in between baths.

Features :

  • Natural based fragrances.

  • Long lasting.

  • Safe for pets & surrounding.

  • Direct application to skin.

Composition : 

  • Each ml contains floral water ( fragrance) 50 % w/v, base with emollients q.s. to 200 ml.

  • Blend of ayurvedic ingredients for safe & effective use on pet's coat & skin. 

Caution : 

  • Do not spray or store near heat or open flame.

  • Use care to avoid spraying directly in or near eyes.

Product Brand
Product Size
200 ml
Pet Age
All Dogs
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