Pedigree Starter Mother & Pup Professional- 3 Kg

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The Pedigree pet food Puppy Starter for Mother and Pup comes in an exceedingly 10kg pack and is complete food in itself. This contains milk that helps to make the immunity in your pet. The food conjointly helps within the sleek transition of your puppy from its mother’s milk to solid food. This product is nutritionally enriched to facilitate growth in your puppies.

This pack contains prebiotics that facilitate in higher digestion. This can be a high energy food that may facilitate all expecting bitches because the energy demand is a lot of throughout this section. This can be a whole food and doesn't got to be supplemented with the other food. It may be used with water and fed like dish. It's a appetising food for your pet and can facilitate within the healthy growth of bones and teeth in your puppies.


  • Complete food for puppy

  • 100% complete & balanced diet

  • Essential vitamins & minerals content

  • Great tasting recipes

  • Easy digestion

  • Healthy skin and shiny coat

  • Supports natural defences

Product Brand
Product Size
3 Kg
Pet Age
Mother & Babydog
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