Pedigree Adult Dog Food Vegetarian- 3 kg

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Pedigree Adult Dog Food Vegetarian 3 kg Pack has prepared having seen the wholesome, nutritious needs to all breeds and have eminently mentioned on its pack the appropriated feeding guidelines. This pet food has developed by imitating the recipes based on the practical research in the attempt of providing the appropriate five health useful advantages such as healthy skin, shiny coat, good health, strengthen the bones & teeth, muscle, firm stool quality, etc. This 100% pure vegetarian dog food provides the complete meal for all breeds of dogs which would ensure it to remaining in agility & healthy.

•    This pet food contains the most appropriate blend of essential nutritious vegetable ingredients.
•    It has Omega 6 and Zinc which assist in promoting a better coat & skin.
•    It is a specific dog food wherein has the vital vegetable nutrient elements such as Cereals, antioxidants & flavors, vegetable oils, etc.

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