Pedigree Puppy Large Breed Professional - 10 kg

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Pedigree Puppy Large Breed Professional - 10 kg

Pedigree Professional Range dog food fulfills the special needs of your dog. The range provides expert nutrition combining high quality ingredients with the science developed by our veterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM- the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition. It delivers optimum nutrition, which will keep healthy and happy for years. Pedigree Puppy Large Breed has been specially formulated to provide essential nutrition so that the puppy’s bones are strong and deliver a balanced diet for large breed puppies from 3 to 18 months of age.

PEDIGREE® dog food leaves the factory with the assurance that it meets global petfood standards as set by AAFCO/NRC 2006. Ingredients include cereals and cereal by-products, meat and meat by-products, vegetable by-products and proteins, vegetable oils, fish meal, green lipped mussel, prebiotics, iodised salt, essential vitamins and minerals, permitted preservatives, antioxidants and flavours.

Feeding Guidelines

For their Special needs they need to be fed – Pedigree Large Breed puppy


It has

  • Green Lipped Mussel

    • For healthy joints

  • Controlled Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio

    • Ensures proper Bone development

  • Pre Biotics

    • Ensures Optimal Health of Digestive Tract


Product Brand
Product Size
10 Kg
Pet Age
All Dogs
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